Sunday, September 13, 2009

Decorated Cake Fall Fair entry...

This was my entry for the Hay River Fall Fair. It was in the Decorated Cake category (so it is actually a piece of styrofoam! I could never get a cake that square!!)
It has some veggies, cupcakes, jars of jam, a sweater, pair of beaded slippers, flowers and some art work! It won 1st in it's category.
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Slippers and sweater details....
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Fleece overalls

These little fleece overalls were a snap! They are super-cute and warm for our lovely winter months. I bought snaps for closing the legs, then decided to just sew them closed. I didn't want the gaps (not very warm on the legs!) and the straps are easy enough to lower for diaper changes.
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Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

This was the much anticipated Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday. It was my first attempt at using MM fondant. The figure.....? So, I cheated! She loves having the little doll to play with!
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Fabric play houses

I make these little fabric houses. They are great for traveling, are WASHABLE, lightweight and super fun! The blue one opens to provide a racetrack for matchbox cars, the pink one has a pocket for storage. They are the perfect size for those small Disney princesses that are currently on the market.
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Fabric houses interior

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Reversible dress for my daughter

I bought my 3-year-old a reversible dress 'down south' in the spring, and she loved it. I looked at it and though "I could make this...."! So, here we are! It is reversible, with the orange fabric showing a bit at the hem when the dress is this way. When it is reversed, the orange is all you see. I won a first place ribbon at the Fall Fair with this! Yay me!Posted by Picasa
The 'sew' part of the title is to showcase some of my sewing projects. My Home Ec teacher would be so proud! I had her in tears 3 times in one class...I was not a stellar H.E. student!!
This is a Marker Roll. A great way to travel with writing implements for kids. Easy access, rolls up for transport. I also make them for crayons, or pencil crayons.Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 4, 2009

The cakes

I have been making and decorating cakes, for fun, for a number of years. I have recently begun to discover the joys (and frustrations) of fondant and gum paste. These are some of the more recent cakes I have completed.
This one was for a woman's birthday party. Plain chocolate cake, buttercream icing, mm fondant decorations with gum paste flowers. This cake was for a 60th wedding anniversary. The weather was very humid and hot, and the cake was disagreeable! My first experience with icing and fondant staging a revolt! It looked OK until I took it out of my very cool basement to the venue for the party. It then cracked along the hearts and the fondant started to slide off.
The cake was vanilla, with buttercream and fondant. Coloured with Wilton's purple colouring. This was 2 1/2 recipes, for the number of people it had to feed.
Sailboat cake. Made for a man's birthday. Chocolate cake with rice crispy boat. The 'water' is fondant, and the boat is covered in fondant as well. The 'bouys' or 'rings' on the sides are mint candies.

A mermaid cake for a 6th birthday. The cake is a double recipe, to make it high enough to fit a good sized mermaid on the side. The cake is iced with a marble effect in the buttercream. The mermaid and all the details are mm fondant.

A friend saw my other cakes and was coming from out of town for a visit. We were having a BBQ get-together and she joked that she wanted me to make a cake, perhaps a 'bug' themed one as the little buggers have been a pain in the neck up here this summer! So, here it is, bugs and all! The top cake is pound cake with chocolate ganache and sliced strawberry filling. The bottom is chocolate cake. Both cakes are covered with MM fondant. There are rocks, ants, flying bugs and buttercream 'grass' as details.

A baby shower cake. This 'basket' full of baby stuff is a double recipe. It is a Bailey's cake with chocolate buttercream between the layers. It is iced with a basket weave in chocolate icing. The details are all fondant. The monkey on the blanket is to match the baby's bedroom set.

A Tinkerbell cake for a 3rd birthday. The cake is chocolate, as is the 'stump'. It has buttercream between the layers and is covered with MM fondant. "Tinkerbell" is made of fondant as well, though I have learned my lesson and now use gum paste for figures. Her wings are card, and the cake board is just hand drawn to look like forest flowers.

This was a cake I did for the last day of Play School. Their concert was "camping" themed, so I made a camping cake. There is a figure for each child in the class and each of the three teachers. They are all made of MM fondant. The cake was an eggless apple spice cake. The trees are ice cream cones covered in buttercream. Everything, except the sticks for the marshmellows, is edible!

So, there you have it. Just a few of the cakes I have done in the last 6 months or so. If there are any Hay Riverites who would like to 'hire' me to make a cake for them, I would be happy to chat and discuss details. I am not a 'professional' baker, but I have a lot of great ideas and a lot of fun implementing them.
To make it worth my while I figure my base price will be $40 for a basic 2-tiered cake. Prices will go up with size and details required.