Monday, May 9, 2011

My wedding cakes

I wasn't sure if I ever posted photos of the cakes I made for our wedding in July of here they are.
The chocolate is covered in chocolate ganach. That is a real ribbon around the bottom of it-not edible! The white is carrotcake with cream cheese frosting. The flowers are gum paste and the characters (Tim, Peekaboo, Ezra and I) are fondant with some gum paste mixed in for drying.....
They were delicious!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra!

After weeks of wanting a 'nuttin' cake, Ezra picked a chocolate Diego cake for his 3rd birthday party. This is what I came up with....I didn't make the characters this time, so he has the toys to play with after the eating of the cake!
The bottom tier is chocolate sour cream cake with ganach filling. The top tier is vanilla cake with buttercream. The icing is all buttercream and the trees are modeling chocolate.
The Bobo Brothers are fondant!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toy Story 3rd Birthday

This cake is for a 3 year-old boy. The cake is chocolate, with buttercream icing. The whole thing then covered with fondant. The bottom tier is yellow with hand-piped red stripes. The top is white with hand-painted black 'spots'. The Woody character is my first attempt at a new technique....I made the bulk of him with rice crispie square, then covered him with coloured modeling chocolate-which I have never used before...I like it! If you use white chocolate melting wafers, then you can colour it any colour you need with regular gel food colouring. It hardens well, and smoothes over the bumpy crispies....
His red stripes are piped icing, the black spots are fondant 'stuck' onto the white, the other characters are all fondant.
The soldiers are plastic!

Wedding Shower Cake

This cake was for a wedding shower. The 6 bridesmaids will be wearing yellow dresses on the big day, the bride in classic white....
The cake is vanilla with buttercream. The dresses are all formed over cake as well, the bride's dress is a small pyrex bowl, the bridesmaids are mini muffins! All are covered in fondant with gumpaste bodices (because it HARDENS) The hangers I made with thin wire and needle-nosed pliers!