Friday, November 25, 2011

Montreal Canadiens....?!?

Got a request for a Montreal Canadiens hockey cake. Simple, easy, small....thank goodness! With Christmas right around the corner I have too many projects and too little time!
Marble cake, buttercream. The logo and stripes are fondant.

Playschool Slippers

Ezra's preschool is having a Silent Auction Fundraiser. Each 'family' is to donate two items that will fetch at least $25.
I made these! The bear is the logo for the Playschool. The fur is rabbit, the hide is deer-cute eh!?!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peekaboo's birthday Part 2

This is Peekaboo's second birthday cake, for her party! The Barbie is Merliah, from Peekaboo's current favourite movie "Barbie A Mermaid Tale"-whatever?!?!
The cake is rainbow with buttercream, the rock is cake covered in MMF. It was yummy, and Peekaboo LOVED the fact that I got the actual doll (didn't make it out of gumpaste!) and pink dolphin.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peekaboo's 6th Birthday Part 1

Peekaboo celebrated her birthday with family on Thanksgiving weekend. As we had apple pie, pumpkin pie, cherry cheesecake....I made a SMALL cake! Penguins was the theme. The cake is apple spice, with cream cheese icing. The igloo is cake as well, with MMF on it and I just used the dull side of a knife to make the 'blocks'. The penguins are MMF with a little gumpaste mixed in to get them to harden a bit. I put it in the fridge (a no no with fondant) so that the penguins would get some condensation on them, so they would look 'wet'!! It was a hit. Stay tuned for Part 2-the birthday party cake on Saturday!~

Emily the Hairstyling Queen

This is a quick cake I put together to take to my Fave Hairstylist's birthday bash on Friday night! It is one layer vanilla one layer chocolate cake, with buttercream. The 'hair' is fondant and the scissors are gumpaste! It was a fun night, and a fun cake!!

Sarge from Cars

I made this for a 30 year-old! It is chocolate cake, buttercream and MMF. The details are MMF and a little gumpaste. I baked it, let it sit, put in supports and a cake board between the still 'settled' and made a bulge! Urgh!! I guess that is what I get for sculpting with cake instead of marble!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn birthdays cake

I made a little cake for my inlaws. They both celebrate birthdays within a month of each other, so we are having a family dinner....and CAKE!! It is chocolate with fudge frosting filling. The flowers were a new technique with royal icing. The leaves are fondant. I will let you know how it tastes!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harley Gramma!

My Mom's birthday was this weekend, and the woman drives a purple Harley Davidson, the obvious choice for a birthday cake.....!?!?
The cake is chocolate orange (like the Terry's chocolate oranges which she LOVES at Christmas!) with chocolate filling. A thin layer of buttercream is under the black MMF! The logo is MMF with hand-piped lettering. The flames are MMF as well.
It was a hit!


This cake was made for one of my daughter's friends. Her 6th birthday was "Fairy" themed! I didn't have much notice, so I couldn't make the fairies, I bought a couple from Pixie Hollow!
The cake is rainbow, and the icing is all buttercream. The flowers are gum paste, with hand-piped vines.

Giraffe 1st birthday

This little guy is made of rice crispie, covered with modeling chocolate. The cake is marble, with buttercream filling. The cake is covered with MMF, and that is what the details are made from. There were also some chocolate balloons I made, to stick out around the giraffe, but I left them off for transport! This cake was picked up on the most humid day we have had in a while, and driven 45 minutes in an unair-conditioned car....I haven't heard if he made it or not!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slippers for the kids

While in the NWT I learned how to bead and work with leather. I have made a number of different pairs of slippers over the years, here are a few examples.

This pair is the latest that Peekaboo got from me. Instead of beading, I embroidered the uppers with ballerinas for her 5th birthday. The pink fur? Well, what can I say really!?!

This pair of "Canvas-tops" were for my son. Instead of canvas, I cut the legs off of a little pair of jeans and used that as the upper. There was elastic in the cuffs of the jeans already, so the slippers ended up with elastic around the calf-which was GREAT!

Pocket Blanket

This is a blanket I made for my sister. It is double-sided flannel, with a pocket sewn into one side. When it is folded correctly you can stuff it into the pocket and it works well as a seat cushion or pillow too!

Tim's Birthday

My husband's birthday was at the first of the month. One of his favourite treats is a tall frosty Guinness! I make the 'cake' from peanut butter rice crispie squares, as we were going to be at the lake-with no running water and limited refrigerator space. It is covered with buttercream and MMF. The lettering is all done in royal icing. I added details like his age as the % alcohol content, and his name as the signature instead of Mr. Guinness. It was a hit!
We also had a cake, Chocolate Guinness with cream cheese frosting! Happy Birthday Hunny!

Monster's Inc.

This is a cake I did for a 3rd birthday. The "Mike" character is 2 large cupcakes, covered in buttercream and MMF. His arms are modeling chocolate, as are his legs. The top cake is chocolate and the bottom cake is vanilla. All the details (Sully, Boo, doors etc) are fondant.
I learned a new technique on this cake, the 'Sully hair' on the top tier-it looks great!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My wedding cakes

I wasn't sure if I ever posted photos of the cakes I made for our wedding in July of here they are.
The chocolate is covered in chocolate ganach. That is a real ribbon around the bottom of it-not edible! The white is carrotcake with cream cheese frosting. The flowers are gum paste and the characters (Tim, Peekaboo, Ezra and I) are fondant with some gum paste mixed in for drying.....
They were delicious!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra!

After weeks of wanting a 'nuttin' cake, Ezra picked a chocolate Diego cake for his 3rd birthday party. This is what I came up with....I didn't make the characters this time, so he has the toys to play with after the eating of the cake!
The bottom tier is chocolate sour cream cake with ganach filling. The top tier is vanilla cake with buttercream. The icing is all buttercream and the trees are modeling chocolate.
The Bobo Brothers are fondant!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toy Story 3rd Birthday

This cake is for a 3 year-old boy. The cake is chocolate, with buttercream icing. The whole thing then covered with fondant. The bottom tier is yellow with hand-piped red stripes. The top is white with hand-painted black 'spots'. The Woody character is my first attempt at a new technique....I made the bulk of him with rice crispie square, then covered him with coloured modeling chocolate-which I have never used before...I like it! If you use white chocolate melting wafers, then you can colour it any colour you need with regular gel food colouring. It hardens well, and smoothes over the bumpy crispies....
His red stripes are piped icing, the black spots are fondant 'stuck' onto the white, the other characters are all fondant.
The soldiers are plastic!

Wedding Shower Cake

This cake was for a wedding shower. The 6 bridesmaids will be wearing yellow dresses on the big day, the bride in classic white....
The cake is vanilla with buttercream. The dresses are all formed over cake as well, the bride's dress is a small pyrex bowl, the bridesmaids are mini muffins! All are covered in fondant with gumpaste bodices (because it HARDENS) The hangers I made with thin wire and needle-nosed pliers!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday cake for three

A repeat 'customer'. I have made a number of cakes for her. She is celebrating the birthday of three family members. She gave me the invitation and little other direction except for the flavour of the cake-chocolate. we are. It is a chocolate cake 9 x 13 on the bottom, with a 7", two-layer cake on top. All the decorations are in buttercream-yum!

Another Baby.....

This one is a smaller version of my classic "baby basket". We have the blanket, onsie, booties and soother. The cake is rainbow, with chocolate 'basketweave'.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Piglet 1st birthday cake

Another round cake with stuff on it-but pretty cute!

The top tier is vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream filling. The bottom tier is strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream. Piglet is handmade from a combination of fondant and gumpaste (will use a higher ratio of gumpaste next time...he took FOREVER to dry!)
The flowers are gumpaste and the details are all hand-drawn.

My little sister, Deni, will love this one!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Soccer anyone?

I got an email from a woman who wants a special cake for her father's 60th birthday. He is, apparently, a big soccer fan. So, this is my first attempt at a sphere-shaped cake. No, I did not buy the cake pans and instructions from Wilton...this is all me!
I used a pyrex bowl to bake two halves of a sphere, and a single layer 8" round to fill in between them. The cakes are chocolate fudge, the filling is chocolate ganache. I stacked it, with much trepidation, and iced it with buttercream.
I found a website that had the formula for the size of the shapes based on the circumference of the circle, and got cutting! It kind of worked. Near the base I had to free-hand some of the shapes, but the grass camoflages it pretty well.
The scarf is the only way I could think to include the symbol of his fave team, so I made the little patch and stuck it on a fondant 'scarf' to lay beside the ball.


1st Birthday Barn

It is Oliver's first birthday, and the family is moving to the A Barn Cake!
This is vanilla cake with buttercream. I made a 9 x 12 and cut it into 3 sections to stack it. The roof pitch is just hand cut. The roof covering is MMF and so are the animals. The grass is vanilla frosting and the pathway-graham crumbs! Finished off with some Peek Frean doors and Voila!!