Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Soccerball flower mitts

These mitts are polished deer with a flower beaded on the cuff. The flower design is what a soccerball would look like if it was unstitched and laid flat. For my sister!

Not so traditional!

Re-vamped old, black leather jacket. Makes really cute slippers! White, glass seed bead skull and crossbones on the upper! Very popular!

For my cousin

The slippers were made for my cousin's two daughters. The blue beadwork was done on her husband's leather shirt. They do something called "rendezvous" camping, with all traditional materials. These are pretty traditional!

The Ballerina Slippers

The uppers are embroidered ballerinas, the leather is polished deerhide, the fur is dyed rabbit. These are my daughter's, made for her birthday.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Here are just a few of the cakes I have done since last spring. With all my other 'jobs' I didn't make quite as many as usual this year. Enjoy!
Birthday cake for Awesome Emily's 30th...
A cake replica of the trailer! Tim's birthday cake.
Wedding cake that I 'co-created' with my awesome neighbour and friend for our other awesome neighbours and friends!

Blog hibernation....

So sorry, I was not particularly diligent about my 'blogging' for the last few months!! But, I AM BACK!! These slippers are recycled black leather jackeet!
Glass seed bead skull and crossbones, bright pink dyed rabbit trim-Beauty!! I was in the Stitch 'N Kitsch in April, and will be in the December show on the 8th. Come and see some amazing local talent-buy some unique and fabulous Christmas gifts....

Friday, February 3, 2012


The same 10 year-old who is getting the Call of Duty cake (see next post) also is getting this.

Apparently when asked by his parents, as a joke, he said he wanted a 'piece of poop' for a birthday cake. I guess the joke is on him! He is getting this lovely poop cake!
It is cherry chip cake and buttercream. The poop and toilet paper are edible, as is the fly (but not the wings!)

Call of Duty

This cake is for a 10 year-old. Cherry chip cake, buttercream, covered in MMF. The helmet, grenade and dog tags are all edible (rice crispie covered in MMF) but you can't eat the small silver ring on the grenade.
This is for the same family that I made the Monster's Inc cake for last summer.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coyote-very furry!

These mocassins are an original bead design. The foot is polished deer and the fur is coyote-which I have never worked with before. It is VERY FUZZY!!
These are slippers I made to exchange with a gentleman I got a bunch of hides and fur from. I paid some cash, with the promise of mocassins as barter for the rest of the cost. This particular pair are for his Aunt. Hope she likes them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bloodroot flower mocassins

A woman contacted me from an ad on Kijiji, I was testing the waters..... She came over and we discussed a pair of slippers. She decided to go with a bloodroot flower....which is tricky, as it is white and I usually do my beading on white stroud. So.....I surrounded the flower with the bloodroot leaf-which is kinda cool on it's own! The result...not bad! It took a looooong time though, with the size of the leaf, the upper is almost full bead!
I hope Dana likes them!