Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slippers for the kids

While in the NWT I learned how to bead and work with leather. I have made a number of different pairs of slippers over the years, here are a few examples.

This pair is the latest that Peekaboo got from me. Instead of beading, I embroidered the uppers with ballerinas for her 5th birthday. The pink fur? Well, what can I say really!?!

This pair of "Canvas-tops" were for my son. Instead of canvas, I cut the legs off of a little pair of jeans and used that as the upper. There was elastic in the cuffs of the jeans already, so the slippers ended up with elastic around the calf-which was GREAT!

Pocket Blanket

This is a blanket I made for my sister. It is double-sided flannel, with a pocket sewn into one side. When it is folded correctly you can stuff it into the pocket and it works well as a seat cushion or pillow too!

Tim's Birthday

My husband's birthday was at the first of the month. One of his favourite treats is a tall frosty Guinness! I make the 'cake' from peanut butter rice crispie squares, as we were going to be at the lake-with no running water and limited refrigerator space. It is covered with buttercream and MMF. The lettering is all done in royal icing. I added details like his age as the % alcohol content, and his name as the signature instead of Mr. Guinness. It was a hit!
We also had a cake, Chocolate Guinness with cream cheese frosting! Happy Birthday Hunny!

Monster's Inc.

This is a cake I did for a 3rd birthday. The "Mike" character is 2 large cupcakes, covered in buttercream and MMF. His arms are modeling chocolate, as are his legs. The top cake is chocolate and the bottom cake is vanilla. All the details (Sully, Boo, doors etc) are fondant.
I learned a new technique on this cake, the 'Sully hair' on the top tier-it looks great!