Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slippers for the kids

While in the NWT I learned how to bead and work with leather. I have made a number of different pairs of slippers over the years, here are a few examples.

This pair is the latest that Peekaboo got from me. Instead of beading, I embroidered the uppers with ballerinas for her 5th birthday. The pink fur? Well, what can I say really!?!

This pair of "Canvas-tops" were for my son. Instead of canvas, I cut the legs off of a little pair of jeans and used that as the upper. There was elastic in the cuffs of the jeans already, so the slippers ended up with elastic around the calf-which was GREAT!

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  1. these are amazing. your work is really hugh end now! i linked you to my BLOG. hugs