Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slip covers

My neighbour had a new challenge for me-slipcovers for her WHITE upholtered dining chairs! She has two young'uns and the white just wasn't working for her! I suggested a denim or canvas cover, for toughness and washability.
So, I got a chair and the material (and some FANTASTIC red buttons) and set to work.
I love them! I now wish I had inappropriate, white, fabric chairs so that I could recover them!

New body for "Baby Dander"

They just don't make $10 dolls from Fields the way they used to.....wait a minute! Yes they do!! Lately Ezra has taken to dragging this large doll around the house, calling him "Baby Dander" (baby Zander, after his cousin)! It was purchased at Fields, at least a year ago.
Well, Baby Dander began to fall apart. The cloth body was made from the thinnest, cheapest material ever and the stitches were about as far apart as they could be and still hold the stuffing in!
So, I decided that if Ezra loved "Baby Dander" so much, I best do something to make him a little more sturdy. I waited until after Ez was asleep last night, and took the doll. I cut him all apart! Yikes! He was kind of freaky looking as a doll-even more freaky looking as parts!
I pinned and cut and stitched and by lunchtime today we have a new, improved "Baby Dander"! I made his new body out of an 'up-cycled' receiving blanket. It improves the babe two-fold, he is made of sturdier stuff, and he appears to have some clothes on! (Ezra prefers his babies al fresco!)