Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peekaboo's birthday Part 2

This is Peekaboo's second birthday cake, for her party! The Barbie is Merliah, from Peekaboo's current favourite movie "Barbie A Mermaid Tale"-whatever?!?!
The cake is rainbow with buttercream, the rock is cake covered in MMF. It was yummy, and Peekaboo LOVED the fact that I got the actual doll (didn't make it out of gumpaste!) and pink dolphin.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peekaboo's 6th Birthday Part 1

Peekaboo celebrated her birthday with family on Thanksgiving weekend. As we had apple pie, pumpkin pie, cherry cheesecake....I made a SMALL cake! Penguins was the theme. The cake is apple spice, with cream cheese icing. The igloo is cake as well, with MMF on it and I just used the dull side of a knife to make the 'blocks'. The penguins are MMF with a little gumpaste mixed in to get them to harden a bit. I put it in the fridge (a no no with fondant) so that the penguins would get some condensation on them, so they would look 'wet'!! It was a hit. Stay tuned for Part 2-the birthday party cake on Saturday!~

Emily the Hairstyling Queen

This is a quick cake I put together to take to my Fave Hairstylist's birthday bash on Friday night! It is one layer vanilla one layer chocolate cake, with buttercream. The 'hair' is fondant and the scissors are gumpaste! It was a fun night, and a fun cake!!

Sarge from Cars

I made this for a 30 year-old! It is chocolate cake, buttercream and MMF. The details are MMF and a little gumpaste. I baked it, let it sit, put in supports and a cake board between the still 'settled' and made a bulge! Urgh!! I guess that is what I get for sculpting with cake instead of marble!