Friday, February 3, 2012


The same 10 year-old who is getting the Call of Duty cake (see next post) also is getting this.

Apparently when asked by his parents, as a joke, he said he wanted a 'piece of poop' for a birthday cake. I guess the joke is on him! He is getting this lovely poop cake!
It is cherry chip cake and buttercream. The poop and toilet paper are edible, as is the fly (but not the wings!)

Call of Duty

This cake is for a 10 year-old. Cherry chip cake, buttercream, covered in MMF. The helmet, grenade and dog tags are all edible (rice crispie covered in MMF) but you can't eat the small silver ring on the grenade.
This is for the same family that I made the Monster's Inc cake for last summer.