Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A piece of cake!

My niece has a Christmas-time birthday, and I was asked to make her cake this year. She is now 19. She is quirky, which I love!! So, I decided on a quirky cake! It was to be eaten after our Christmas dinner, so it didn't need to be very big.
It is one layer of vanilla, one layer of chocolate with chocolate fudge filling. It is covered with buttercream.

Frosty the Snowman cake

This is a cake that I made for a repeat customer! She had me make a Tigger cake for her son's birthday a while ago...emailed me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would do 2 more cakes for her....for CHRISTMAS!! She picked them both up on Christmas eve. She would have picked them up sooner, but I didn't want them to be stale by the time she ate them!
This is marble cake, with buttercream icing. The broomstick and hat are fondant/gumpaste. Isn't he cute!!??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slip covers

My neighbour had a new challenge for me-slipcovers for her WHITE upholtered dining chairs! She has two young'uns and the white just wasn't working for her! I suggested a denim or canvas cover, for toughness and washability.
So, I got a chair and the material (and some FANTASTIC red buttons) and set to work.
I love them! I now wish I had inappropriate, white, fabric chairs so that I could recover them!

New body for "Baby Dander"

They just don't make $10 dolls from Fields the way they used to.....wait a minute! Yes they do!! Lately Ezra has taken to dragging this large doll around the house, calling him "Baby Dander" (baby Zander, after his cousin)! It was purchased at Fields, at least a year ago.
Well, Baby Dander began to fall apart. The cloth body was made from the thinnest, cheapest material ever and the stitches were about as far apart as they could be and still hold the stuffing in!
So, I decided that if Ezra loved "Baby Dander" so much, I best do something to make him a little more sturdy. I waited until after Ez was asleep last night, and took the doll. I cut him all apart! Yikes! He was kind of freaky looking as a doll-even more freaky looking as parts!
I pinned and cut and stitched and by lunchtime today we have a new, improved "Baby Dander"! I made his new body out of an 'up-cycled' receiving blanket. It improves the babe two-fold, he is made of sturdier stuff, and he appears to have some clothes on! (Ezra prefers his babies al fresco!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Princess 6th Birthday

This cake is vanilla with chocolate ganache/fudge filling. It is covered in buttercream-yum! The wand is a candy stick with a gum paste star on top. The crown is gum paste as well. Perfect for a 6 year-old girl!!
I spoke with the party-goers afterward (including Peekaboo!) and it was delicious too!

Topsy Turvy Madhatter 30th Birthday

This cake was for a gentleman's 30th birthday. This was my first attempt at a "Topsy Turvy" cake....I ended up redoing it-more difficult that you might think! I was fairly happy with the final product.
This is a vanillla cake with butttercream filling. The whole thing is fondant-covered. Details are fondant and the balloons are gum paste.

Graduation cake

This is a French Vanilla cake with Chocolate ganache filling. The topmost tier (hat) has fresh strawberries and strawberry buttercream as the filling. This cake is entirely edible! The mortarboard, the 'diploma', all the details! It was really fun to make! It may be one of my favourites!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Peekaboo's 2nd 5th Birthday cake!

Yep, I saved the unicorns....Wouldn't you!!??!

This was a yellow butter cake, with a white chocolate/cream cheese buttercream filling! Yum!! The decorations (pink icing) are vanilla frosting. It was tasty, though I found the butter cake a bit dry (new recipe)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peekaboo's first 5th Birthday cake!!

This special request was "a mommy unicorn and a baby unicorn sitting in a field of flowers". It is a rainbow swirl cake with buttercream strawberry filling, covered in MM fondant. The flowers are fondant and the unicorns are a fondant/gum paste combo (adding fondant to the gum paste makes it easier to work with, and it doesn't harden quite as quickly)
This is the cake for her birthday party. We will be having a second cake for her actual birthday, next week, so stay tuned!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun dresses!!

I have been making Peekaboo clothes for a while...but I needed a new challenge. I found it.
These are patchwork dresses. I decided it would be fun to cut out a bzillion little 4" squares and sew them together into fun, dancy dresses. Yep. That's what I did. I cut out a bzillion squares...then had to sew them all back together again....with gathers. Good thing she LOVES them!

I made two for Peekaboo, then decided to share my insanity with others. This cupcake/ice cream cone themed dress was made for my neighbours 3 year-old daughter. I love the colours.

The best thing that I can say about these dresses is; though they take a lot of time, they don't take a lot of money. These were made from 'fat quarters' that are sold for quilting. They are usually sold for a reduced rate, as they are the remains of bolts (pieces too small to be sold by the yard) I think my next dress will be 'upcycled' from some thrift store finds....stay tuned!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake-yum! This is for an Anniversary. It is a 3-layer chocolate cake with homemade sour cherry filling and whipped cream between the layers. It has fudge icing on the tops and (of course) marachino cherries for decorations! Delicious!

Dora cake returns!!

I have begun decorating cakes again, here in the 'south'. I wasn't sure I would get many responses (with there being actual bakeries here!) but have done 3 cakes in 3 days!
This is a Dora cake for "Samuel". I search the town for a Boots figure, but none to be found. So, I made his face from fondant and put him on the front-seemed to look good.

It is a chocolate fudge cake, with chocolate buttercream-yum! Word is, Samuel stood on a stool staring at it up on the counter, and it was tasty too!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Sister's Baby Shower!!

We had a baby shower, to welcome my new nephew into the world, on Saturday. I made a blue swirled vanilla cake, with chocolate buttercream 'basketweave'. The blanket, undershirt and details are MMF. The bear and soother are gum paste. The booties are marshmallows covered with yellow-tinted icing applied using a star tip. It was a big hit! And, since I don't usually get to sample my cakes, I know that it was super-tasty too!!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Butterfly birthday

A birthday cake for a "Mother-In-Law". Apple spice cake, homemade buttercream filling and frosting. The butterflies are a combo of fondant and gum paste (I added fondant to the gum paste so it wouldn't dry out as quickly) Some of the butterflies have handpainted details on them. There are some wildflowers painted onto the cake itself and the grass is vanilla icing. The rocks are edible chocolate rocks! Fun!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some 'sewing' or embroidery I guess!!

So, my newest endeavor...
Peekaboo convinced me to buy some pink rabbit fur, and she desperately wants slippers trimmed in it. She is actually due for some new slippers, so I agreed. I asked her what she wanted beaded onto her uppers......if you know her at all, you will have guessed....Ballerinas!
I tried to get her to agree to a pair of ballerina slippers with ribbons, or one ballerina leg....things easier to portray with beads-she wouldn't have it. So I decided that beading wouldn't do, and I am giving embroidery a try. I even bought one of those little hoopy things! I decided on denim for the uppers (canvas or stroud would have been too pale) and went with two slightly different poses for the ballerinas. I finished the second one tonight.

I think they look pretty darned good!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby shower

A very last minute cake (about 24 hours!) I was asked if I could do a baby shower cake for a new little girl. I could have done a lot more, with more time...
Pink and white swirl cake with vanilla icing tinted pink. The onsie is fondant, with gel food colouring dots. The booties are also fondant. There are fondant pearls (white and pink) around the border.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

100th day of school cupcakes

We made some cupcakes for the 100th day of school. They are 'healthy' chocolate cupcakes (hidden ingredients!) with pink buttercream icing and fondant circles with "100" on them. They must have been good, there weren't any left in the container when it came home!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emergency Dora cake!

I got an emergency birthday cake call on Tuesday afternoon for a cake for Wednesday afternoon! Sure, I am a 'stay-at-home-mom', but I also look after 2 children besides my own.....but, I said "Yes"!!
This is a cherry cake. The top round is covered in mm Fondant, the bottom round is covered in chocolate buttercream. The stars are sugar paste. I made the 'Backpack', but the Dora and Boots figures are plastic. I like to make my whole cake edible, but there just wasn't time to make those characters.

It was for a 3rd birthday, and the word on the street is....she loved it!

Treehouse Valentine's Party

A fun little strawberry cake with buttercream icing. The bear is molded from sugar paste, as is the heart. This was my first attempt buttercream flowers!!! Not bad.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New cake experience....

I got a frantic call from a Dad on Thursday, looking for a very specific cake for his daughter's birthday. She had requested a Peanutbutter Cup cake. The two grocery store bakeries in town couldn't help him...it was up to me! So, of course, I said "yes"!
This is a two layer, chocolate fudge sponge cake. The filling is a layer of chocolate icing, a layer of Reece Peanut butter cups chopped up, then a layer of peanut butter icing. There is another layer of Peanut butter icing on the top of the cake. The whole thing is covered with Chocolate icing, with peanutbutter icing accents.
As decorating is really my forte, I asked him what his 9-year-old daughter is 'in to'. Wizards of Waverly Place....again!! So, I added a little magic hat, spell book and wand. 9 pink stars finished off this masterpiece!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another race car cake!

This is a 2-layer chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream filling. Fondant-covered, with gum paste/fondant cars, black fondant racetrack, and fondant name. For a 6th birthday, obviously!!

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A closer, detailed pic.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Butterfly cake


This is a really cute butterfly cake for a little girl's second birthday. It is rainbow sponge cake with buttercream icing. The butterflies are gum paste, the toppers are paper!
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