Sunday, January 24, 2010

New cake experience....

I got a frantic call from a Dad on Thursday, looking for a very specific cake for his daughter's birthday. She had requested a Peanutbutter Cup cake. The two grocery store bakeries in town couldn't help was up to me! So, of course, I said "yes"!
This is a two layer, chocolate fudge sponge cake. The filling is a layer of chocolate icing, a layer of Reece Peanut butter cups chopped up, then a layer of peanut butter icing. There is another layer of Peanut butter icing on the top of the cake. The whole thing is covered with Chocolate icing, with peanutbutter icing accents.
As decorating is really my forte, I asked him what his 9-year-old daughter is 'in to'. Wizards of Waverly Place....again!! So, I added a little magic hat, spell book and wand. 9 pink stars finished off this masterpiece!

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