Friday, January 14, 2011

Soccer anyone?

I got an email from a woman who wants a special cake for her father's 60th birthday. He is, apparently, a big soccer fan. So, this is my first attempt at a sphere-shaped cake. No, I did not buy the cake pans and instructions from Wilton...this is all me!
I used a pyrex bowl to bake two halves of a sphere, and a single layer 8" round to fill in between them. The cakes are chocolate fudge, the filling is chocolate ganache. I stacked it, with much trepidation, and iced it with buttercream.
I found a website that had the formula for the size of the shapes based on the circumference of the circle, and got cutting! It kind of worked. Near the base I had to free-hand some of the shapes, but the grass camoflages it pretty well.
The scarf is the only way I could think to include the symbol of his fave team, so I made the little patch and stuck it on a fondant 'scarf' to lay beside the ball.


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  1. What an incredible thing to accomplish. A spherical cake! Will wonders never cease. You are one of the most creative people I know. It looks great!